Ceiliúradh CEIST 2023

A sincere “Thank You” to all those involved in making Ceiliúradh CEIST a celebration of community and marking the occasion on Wednesday last.  The amount of events and activities was simply amazing with schools creating videos, writing songs, artwork etc. far too many to capture and condense into one location.

The theme of “One Good Deed” certainly encapsulated the hearts of many and it was lovely to see the various initiatives adopted, i.e. prayer cards, baking, gift packs for mocks etc. The kindness shown won’t be forgotten and certainly the visits by students to local convents and retired congregation members was so, so much appreciated.

Download Ceiliúradh CEIST Celebrations 2023  or view as e-zine Ceiliúradh CEIST Celebrations 2023

A short video clip from celebrations around the country can be viewed here – Ceiliúradh Video