Christ King Girls’ Secondary School, Cork Summer Newsletter

Redesigning learning environments is critical because of the significant changes taking place which challenge us to redefine the critical skills and abilities of citizens in the 21st Century. The capacity to continuously learn, apply and integrate new knowledge and skills has never been more essential. We therefore need to ensure that when our students leave us, at the end of six years of schooling, that they can access the requisite resources and supports in order to learn the content and competencies they will need. Laying a foundation that cultivates lifelong self-directed learning starts in a student’s first year in Christ King. We work hard to ensure that the learning experience and learning environment in the classroom is centred on fostering skills and a mindset of
self-directed learning with competencies strategically interwoven through the learning experience.

To achieve this the teachers are involved in several teaching and learning initiatives such as The Learning Powered School, Instructional Leadership and Assessment for Learning. These are supported and reviewed by the school’s Teaching and Learning committee. These initiatives are helping the students to develop learning habits and thinking skills. We see teaching and learning as a shared responsibility, between the teacher, the student, and the parent. Visible teaching and visible learning are at the heart of our pedagogy here in Christ King. We aspire to a learning environment where teachers see learning through the eyes of the students and where students see themselves as their own teachers. We are very pleased that in our WSE MLL report, in November 2017, the DES inspectors stated that “The quality of teaching and learning in the majority of lessons ranged from very good to good, and in a significant number of lessons, the quality was noted as outstanding”

Mary Keane

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