Our Lady’s College Beaumont News – September 2019


Chloe Darby U19 Ireland Ladies Soccer

Congratulations to Chloe Darby, 6th year who is chosen to play on the U19 All Ireland Ladies Soccer team.  Well done and good luck in upcoming matches.


The Entrepreneurial School Awards (TESA)

The school is delighted to be recognised for its commitment to entrepreneurship education through “The Entrepreneurial School Awards”.  We look forward to attending the inaugural TESA  Summit hosted by Microsoft in October.  This summit celebrates the ongoing work in schools to enable students to acquire and practice key skills.



Once again the school is recognised for the quality of work done on projects.  The National Quality Label is awarded for our eTwinning project undertaken in 2018/19.


TY Bonding Trip to Tanagh

TY students began the year with their overnight trip to Tanagh Adventure Centre.  They enjoyed numerous activities over the two days.