Presentation Ballingarry World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020

On Thursday 5th April 5th students and staff  at Presentation Ballingarry entered into the spirit of World Book Day and came to school dressed as their favourite character. Eight of the female staff donned the distinctive red  dress and white bonnet of The Handmaids from Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” one of the prescribed books for the Leaving Cert students. Characters form other novels such as the Great Gatsby, sporting personalities, fairytales and fables roamed the corridors.

To set the day in context, Head boy Daire O’ Brien and Head Girl Nicola O’Dwyer spoke of the joy to be found in the worlds of literature. They also reminded students that although we might complain about not having enough time to read we always seem to have enough time for social media. The challenge is to find time to escape into the magical world of words.

The day was full of fun and celebration.