Presentation Secondary School Ballingarry News – October 2020

In Presentation Ballingarry “we are all in this together”

As we approach the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first sisters to  Ballingarry, we reflect on how they embraced the challenges they faced and how they adapted and responded to the needs of their day. Guided by the spirit of our Venerable Foundress, Nano Nagle we too find ourselves ploughing new furrows as we respond to the challenges presented by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Throughout the summer, Principal, Ms. Cahill together with Deputy Principal Mr. Moran worked tirelessly to ensure that staff and students could return to a safe environment where teaching and learning could begin again.

When students arrived for their first day we couldn’t see their smiles but it was wonderful to feel their sense of camaraderie and their excitement to be meeting friends, old and new and to know that this “new normal” would work because we are all in this together.


Return to School

As each year group returned, they were welcomed by their Year Head and were guided through the new regulations, that when adhered to, would keep us all safe.  New signage and floor markings remind each one of us, throughout the day, about social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing.

Warm Congratulations

We extend our warmest congratulations to Bishop Martin Hayes on his recent appointment as Bishop of Kilmore. We are very grateful to Bishop Martin for inviting our students to participate in the Seinn choir. The gathering in Thurles Cathedral was a highlight of our year and over the years we have seen our Seinn choir grow from 16 students to 63 in 2019.

We wish Bishop Martin every happiness and good health.


Presentation Ballingarry congratulates past pupil Sophie Quin

Sophie Quin, past pupil of Presentation , Ballingarry has graduated from the Institute of Art Design and Technology, (IADT) Dublin with first class honours, receiving a Bachelor of Arts BA (Honours) in Animation. She was awarded the National Film School Industry Award for animation: Windmill Lane Pictures- Animation Award BA (Hons) in Animation.

She was also shortlisted for the Thesis Award for Academic Excellence in the Department of Design & Visual Arts and Film & Media. She was highly commended for her thesis entitled ‘Early Irish television Animation and Quin Films: Development, comparisons and legacy.’

Congratulations from all at Presentation Ballingarry and best wishes for continued success in the future.


1st Years

First year students, together with Year Head, Ms. Regan planted some daffodil bulbs to symbolise their new beginning. Just as the daffodils take root in the soil and survive the harshest of conditions ,so too will our 1st years take root in this new community and they too, will survive and blossom as they progress, grow and develop during their time in  Presentation Ballingarry.


TY Wellbeing Project

Mrs Ryan, together with her wellbeing class are focusing on all that is positive in our lives and in the world around us. Students are invited to photograph any positive moments from  their everyday lives and these are posted on a weekly basis on our Instagram page *presentationballingarry.*


6th Year Results

Following a very difficult year, our 6th years graduated with a very meaningful online graduation ceremony  prepared and presented by Career Guidance Counsellor , Mr. Gleeson and Mairead Ui Laocha ,in June 2020. Staff and a huge number of celebrities sent good wishes to our class of 2020.

The cancellation of The Leaving Cert exam posed its own challenges but ever resilient our students adapted and we are delighted to wish each one every success, good health and continued happiness as they set sail on new voyages during these very turbulent times.


Leaving Certificate Physical Education (LCPE)

This year 2020/21 marks an exciting new venture in our school with the addition of LCPE as a Leaving Certificate subject. Seventeen 5th Year students have begun this journey with their teacher Ms Doyle. We wish Ms Doyle and her class every success and good luck.


Looking Forward

Keeping in mind our motto for the year “slow and steady” we at Presentation Ballingarry will work side by side, ever aware of the needs of everyone in our school community. Like our foundress, Nano Nagle and all those who have gone before us we are learning  a new way to shine the lantern of hope, faith and education. We know we cannot do this by ourselves so we keep the words of the prophet Michah to the fore of all we do, together, “we will ask justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God.”