St. Mary’s College Naas Christmas Newsletter 2017

Principal’s Address
As we approach our Christmas break, I would like to update you on some of the many activities that have been taking place in St. Mary’s College, this term.

Thank you to our Deputy Principals Ms. Barton, Ms. Moloney and Mr. Campbell and all the teaching staff of St. Mary’s College for their continued commitment, professionalism and dedication. We are very pleased to have secured planning permission for two new classrooms, one of which will be a base room for 4K. Teachers and students have been involved in fundraising for various charities in the lead up to our celebration of Christmas. We are grateful to all our girls and their families who give so generously to make Christmas a special time for those less fortunate in our own community and beyond. We count the blessings that we have and look to the future with hope and faith as God guides our journey.
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