Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk News – October 2020

A Mercy Day Celebration with a Difference

The theme for Mercy Day 2020 in Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk  Tralee this year was ‘Resilience’. It seems  like an appropriate theme given that resilience is a quality that we all need as we face the changes to school life that the pandemic has brought with it. It is also a reminder of the resilience that Catherine McAuley showed throughout her life

Every other year the day would have consisted of a celebratory mass in the School’s Centenary Hall wh      ich would be adorned by artwork created by first years. The music would be carefully chosen and beautifully delivered by the school choir. This year it was a Mercy Day with a difference, the first year students had a prayer service in their individual religion classes. Each teacher created an atmosphere of peace, reflection and hope with candles, flowers and music. The students read their prayers and listened to a message and a prayer from Fr. Padraig Walsh and Fr. Amos Surungai Ruto from our Parish of  Our Lady and St. Brendan.

They took time to listen to the life story of Catherine McAuley and discuss how her deep faith in God and her life experiences shaped her response to the needs of her day. Students then took time to write about their hopes for this year whilst listening to the school choir on YouTube.

It was a very uplifting morning for the entire school community and of course the first years took time to celebrate in the second of their double class with Covid compliant games, treats and music in their individual classes. It may not have been the same as every other year but it was a testament to the fact that we can make wonderful and lasting happy memories, using what we have at any given time and despite any obstacles that this pandemic can place in our way.

From Ms. Sherma Carey, R.E. Department


Halloween Celebrations

Some stunning spooky efforts for our costume and colours day to finish the term with a bit of fun. Well done to all!