Presentation Waterford News – September 2019

Opening of Year Mass

The beautiful singing of the new first year choir echoed through St. Paul’s church on Monday 16th September as we came together as a school community for our beginning of year mass, organised by the Religion and Music departments in our school. This lovely occasion, celebrated by Fr Pat Fitzgerald, and attended by some local parishioners, was greatly enhanced by the students’ contribution to the music, prayers, readings, reflections and offertory procession.

Head girl, Qetsia Pamelo, delivered a powerful and inspiring speech to her fellow students, reflecting on her own experiences as a first year student in our school and encouraging everyone to have the confidence to follow their ambitions.

Our school principal, Ms. Bolger was also inspirational as she addressed the staff and students of the school, wishing them the best of luck in the academic year ahead and imparting appropriate words of wisdom to each year group.


Leaving Cert Applied Students’ Great Escape

Our 5th and 6th year students managed to break free from the routine of school for the day on Wednesday, 11th September, as they took part in a challenging team-building day at ‘The Great Escape’.

In a unique ‘Crystal Maze’ type challenge, they successfully escaped three different scenarios and safely reassembled for hot chocolate at ‘The Granary’ to celebrate!


TY Visit to Belmont Park

The transition year students also escaped from school on Thursday, 12th September, when they went on a visit to Belmont Services to meet with the service users who will be their co-participants in this year’s integrated PE programme. This is a long standing programme in our school which is thoroughly enjoyed by both the TY girls and their new friends.

The girls, who were delighted to enjoy a tour of the farm, workshop, and horticulture area, are really looking forward to working with Belmont during the year!

My First Week in Presentation Secondary School by Ruby Walsh,  First Year Student

Our first day of secondary school finally came. This would be the day when we finally left our primary schools’ behind. We came together and joined the Presentation community of 1st years. It was a huge step for all of us. I was excited but nervous at the same time.

It was scary leaving everything behind from primary school –the school itself, the routine, even the teachers. In primary school, we were the eldest and we knew everyone. Suddenly, we were the youngest again. The uniform was really different too, with black trousers or a skirt, a white shirt, red tie, and a black jumper with the school name and crest on it. I really love the uniform! (But the skirt’s a bit long..)

I really enjoyed my first day at school. It was different. Once you hear the bell you get up and go to a different class. Lots of people worried that they would forget books or bring the wrong books to class, including me. The teachers understood, though.

There are loads of places to have lunch and fun in the grounds of the school. There are plenty of activities as well. It’s fun just to sit outside with friends. There is also a canteen that sells hot and cold food for lunch every day. There’s breakfast club also which is free! It’s nice to sit down and have breakfast with friends.

Everyone is so nice and helpful. We have a year head, a tutor, and mentors. Looking back on it,none of us really needed to worry at all, but our nerves got the better of us. My main worry was making friends. I don’t know why I was worried as I have made great friends!

I am so happy I chose Presentation.