St. Annes Tipperary Students travel to Kenya as part of the Concern Programme

On 30th June 2018, two Fifth Year students from St. Anne’s Secondary School, Tipperary Town, Sarah Ryan and Sarah Marnane (the two Sarah’s) commenced a week long action packed experience in Kenya. The girls were travelling to Kenya as part of the Concern Programme. The previous December both girls, together with TY student, Karina Gricmane had organised the Concern 24 hour fast in the school. The three girls and their teacher Ms. FitzGerald had gone to Cork to attend a training programme on the fast. After that it was up to the girls!

The fast that year was in aid of the ongoing South Sudan crisis. From the beginning the three girls demonstrated dedication, commitment and genuine concern for the cause. As a result of their efforts the school raised 4,000 euros. In appreciation for their hard work, the girls were delighted to be selected by Concern to travel to Kenya for a week in July. On this trip, the two Sarah’s were accompanied by teacher Ms. Laura McMahon and Lauren and Jeni form Concern. Pupils from St. Killian’s School in Dublin also travelled.

During their week in Kenya the group visited two primary schools, a secondary school and an engineering college. Here they saw just how important the funds raised are for the education of the children and young adults in Kenya. The girls really enjoyed the time spent in the Young Scientist Exhibition in Kenya. They also visited a Health Centre and were shown the many ways the financial support from the fast is utilised. The girls were amazed by the extent of works being carried out in Kenya financed by the Concern Programme. The extent of poverty in parts of Kenya saddened the girls and they returned determined to do whatever they could in the future to help the developing countries. Talking to girls it is clear to see how they are more aware of just how much of a difference a little money can make in the life of a child in Africa.

Well done to the ‘two Sarah’s’. St. Anne’s is very proud of their commitment to Concern. As a Ceist school St. Anne’s School is dedicated to promoting human development and fostering respect for all. Our students put this vison into practice through their work for Concern.